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Socially Responsible and Fine Diamonds

Socially Responsible

Eco Brilliance Pvt. Ltd. believes in promoting socially responsible business practices that respect human beings and the environment. HPHT/CVD Diamonds are grown in a situation created in a laboratory. They do not cause any damage to the environment. The power consumed is negligible in comparison to what is used in digging a hole in our planet to procure mined rough diamonds. Moreover, they do not cause any human exploitation or social sufferings as caused during earth mining in major rough diamond producing countries.


ECO FRIENDLY: Lab created diamonds are conflict free. They are ethically grown with minimal environmental impact.


PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS: We are committed to offering diamonds that are untouched by human rights abuses, including child labour, forced labour, and torture.

Lab Grown v/s Mined

Get To Know

Physical Property Comparison Chart


Lab-Grown Diamond


Scientifically speaking, Type IIa-b diamonds are almost pure carbon diamonds, containing no significant amount of nitrogen in the crystal lattice

Nitrogen is the impurity in diamonds that imparts a yellowish hue. The lack of yellow makes for a pure very valuable colourless diamond (D, E or F).


Type IIa-b

Superior Quality

Laboratory created rough diamonds are created under a controlled environment. Type IIa-b diamonds are considered to be the best and rare. The gems are 'grown' in chemical plasma reactors. These are not murky, synthetic diamonds, but awesome white gems that are atomically identical to earth mined ones.

Growing or creating is the same process as that of earth mined diamonds with a difference that the process is happening in a controlled environment. Eco Brilliance offers a beautiful selection of superior quality Lab Created Diamonds. Diamond is the hardest, the most eternal and luxurious material in the world.




and Certified

Laboratory created diamonds are CERTIFIED by all the International as well as National and recognised certification agencies. These Diamonds contain the same physical, optical and chemical properties as that of earth mined diamonds with the ONLY difference in the PROCESS and PLACE of growth.





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